Open book?

More fear uncovered I could have asked Yorgos to come along to the book event. i didn't. I didn't dare. Didn't want to hear no. Or maybe even didn't want to admit I would want him with me. Rationally I could even place a potential no (having upcoming exams, not knowing anyone there, not understanding … Continue reading Open book?


(too?) many thoughts again

thoughts racing through my mind, emotions racing through my body. Possibly it's because my period is approaching, maybe it is because my body received the man of my heart. Definitely my contribution to science today did affect my emotional state. So here we are. After a rather long period of silence, I am overflowing again. … Continue reading (too?) many thoughts again

The world going crazy. Because of fear.

Well, admittedly, the world has been acting crazy for a while now. It is the scale that becomes incomprehensible. The reason for my contemplating is the China concentration camps I just found out about. Reading about it, gives me the chills because of the similarity to World War II. In the current day and age, … Continue reading The world going crazy. Because of fear.